Rewe: What changes at the vegetable counter of the supermarket

At the Rewe vegetable counter, customers can expect an innovation. That has not happened yet.

Berlin - The time of individually wrapped in protective foil organic cucumber is at Rewe is over. The supermarket is now only offering the sensitive green vegetables year-round with an adhesive label, as the retailer announced at the consumer fair "International Green Week" in Berlin.

In the winter months come organic cucumbers from the south. The film should protect the vegetables from drying out and shrinking. In the future, the transport routes will be changed in such a way that the cucumber will be in top form in the vegetable counter, even without a foil, as the company promises.

This joins the cucumber to the banana, which is offered since the end of 2017 without plastic wrap. Among other things, celeriac, leek, flower and white cabbage, fennel and zucchini from Rewe Bio only carry sticky labels or adhesive tapes.

Rewe and Penny: vegetables without plastic wrap - what's behind it

"With these measures at Rewe and Penny, we have already taken a big step in the right direction and are well on our way towards making our packaging progressively greener, following the principle of" avoiding, reducing, improving ", Lionel Souque, CEO of Rewe Group said, "By the end of 2030, all private label packaging will be greener.

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