Real Spain put football and the goal; defeat to Life and is the leader of the Clausura-2019 - Ten

East Real Spain yes, illusion, boys ... by the way he plays, in how he plays the ball and the tranquility he handles in his lines, except in the offensive, but regardless of that, the machine plays nice and although he has won his games, still There are things to improve as well recognized by the Colombian coach Carlos Restrepo.

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Those of 'Pisces' they chained their second victory in the same number of games. A 1-0 against the Lifetime It was enough to start commanding the standings.

Real Spain was the only team that wanted to play soccer tonight at the Morazán stadium and that was reflected in the final score, although not as the aurinegra fans would have wanted it.

The local team tired of missing goals. Rony Martínez Y Mario Martinez They were the most incisive and was the second to find the formula of the goal.

José Tobías and Cholby Martínez had a very special duel. PHOTOS: Neptalí Romero.
At 52 minutes the left-hander scored the only goal of the professors after an excellent play in combination with Jhow Benavidez in the boundaries of the area. The footballer with his skillful leg sent her to save to give the three points to theirs.

But before the Lifetime He had saved himself at the rare minute seven. Edder Delgado he got a bomb that Harold Fonseca had to send to the corner kick; three minutes later, the goalkeeper saved again a shot from Rony Martinez.

And the game was a complete monologue. The machine attacked incessantly but in the blink of an eye the Lifetime got a criminal offense, nonexistent by the way.

Rony Martinez had the opportunity to score but he was not fine.
In a ball divided in the local area, Miguel Valerio nodded the round and hit the shoulder of Allans Vargas; Saíd Martínez He looked bad and sanctioned criminal, but there was divine justice, because Roberto López with his saving hands avoided the coconut tie to shot Carlos Bernárdez.

At 90 + 2 the clearest mistake ... Rony Martínez a ball was found in the area and a half-turn sent a bomb that made the reflections of Harold Fonseca who acted well, in the counter-competition Darixon Returned, who was already on the court, incredibly sent her to fly.

And that's how the 90 minutes went. Real Spain attacked by the center and by the bands but at the moment of the last touch, they erred; 1-0 that puts leader to the sampedranos to the wait of the end of the day this Sunday. Of course, you have to improve the aim, teacher!

With solitary goal by Mario Martinez Real Spain beat Life.