Rabiot training with the reserve? "A decision of the club", so Thomas Tuchel

Which booty, Thomas - KARIM JAAFAR / AFP or Licensor / AFP

The Rabiot case, season eight, episode 1.425. to
the failure of the negotiations for the extension, the trained midfielder
PSG trains with the reserve. A decision not by Thomas Tuchel, but directly from the management of the club.

"I have to prepare my team for the Guingamp game (Saturday), it's a team without Adrien, this is a situation between Adrien and the club, I respect the club's decisions and I can understand them, I have to focus on my team that is there and is available, "said the German technician before the rematch against the EAEC.

Thomas Tuchel made it clear: "It's a club decision" when he relaunched at a press conference.