Public works "optimistic" for 2019

Unlike the building sector which dreads "the end of a cycle" After growth of 2.3% in 2018, the turnover of public works increased by 7% compared to 2017. This result is explained by an increase of the investment expenditure of the local authorities of the order of + 6.3%. For 2019, "We are still optimistic" said the president of the National Federation of Public Works (FNTP). "The pre-election years are always dynamic. Everything must be clean, refurbished and ready to be inaugurated " after the spring 2020 municipal elections, explained Bruno Cavagné, on the sidelines of the press conference.

In this period of greetings, the boss of the FNTP said he hoped on January 10 that the great national debate " will lead to something. If I were President of the Republic, I would propose an act IV of decentralization with a right to experimentation. Let's stop a little annoying (sic) communities! " ton Bruno Cavagné.

This proposal is actually in the draft constitutional revision, but the review of this text is no longer on the agenda of Parliament since the beginning of the Benalla case last July.

TPs pose in solution for "yellow vests"

If the "construction site of the century" Grand Paris Express captures three quarters of investment spending for companies TP, two flats remain: the lack of manpower in the Île-de-France and the effect both accelerator "qu'aspirateur" available human resources. The deployment of ultra-fast broadband, the regeneration of the network at the SNCF and the recovery plan of motorway concession companies last summer, however, remain as additional green light.

The bill of orientation of mobilities, which should arrive sooner or later in the Senate at first reading, has become, however, a "great unknown". In 2018, the revenue from the radars planned for the financing of the infrastructures was lower than 200 million euros hoped for. For 2019, the sacking of radars in recent weeks and the absence of heavyweight vignettes in the finance bill plunge President Cavagné and his members "in the most total uncertainty". Gold, "Mobility is one of the solutions to the crisis of" yellow vests "", He insists.

In this respect, the boss of the FNTP refuses to be " turkey stuffing ". "We saw the difficulty to find some 200 million euros and then, in a few weeks, the government found 10 billion euros. We can therefore ask ourselves the question of what follows. "

A rap clip to attract young talent

The sector also wants to continue recruiting. From 10,000 net jobs created in 2018, he wants to hire 200,000 people in the next five years. That's why he is going to launch a big poster campaign as well as a rap clip to attract 13-18 year olds. " We asked ourselves what we could do to make a young person want to go to work in public works ", justifies Bruno Cavagné. 12,000 apprenticeships and 16,000 internships are also available.

Despite a 5.2% decline for new housing permits in 2018 that will have an impact on the construction of adjacent infrastructure, and despite construction costs rising due to the high cost of materials, activity is expected to grow in 2019 of 3% in volume and 5% in value. The president of the FNTP proposes to get out of the criteria of the 3% of Maastricht priority projects.