Prohibition of opposing supporters, "cleaned up" before the game ... Is the derby's soul in danger?

The historical contrast between Lyonnais and Stéphanois, whether in the field or in the stands, seems to be losing momentum right now. - P.MERLE - P.DESMAZES - R.LAFABREGUE / AFP
  • More than a year after a historic downfall (0: 5) against the band in Nabil Fekir, the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium finds the derby Sunday (21 hours).

  • ASSE and OL supporters point out that their flagship meeting is "over" every season for a variety of reasons.

  • Between new ban on visiting fans and pre-match without provocation of the various actors, 20 minutes wonders if the nature of this derby is in danger.

Spirit of the derby, are you still there? It has been a few years since Stéphanois and especially Lyonnais gradually tended towards "it was better earlier". But here after the last two
OL-ASSE (1: 1, 1: 1) without intensity on the court or real passion in the stands of Lyon. We really wonder if the fieriest derby in France will not finally fade. Before this new shock, Sunday (21 hours), in the cauldron, as the challenge of the race for the
Champions League, 20 minutes has questioned many supporters of both sides who have a number of assumptions about this phenomenon.

In a loose case, they are reminiscent of the Ligue 1 timetable, with the return derby only being placed two months after the first leg. But even these late games played on Wednesday (Toulouse-OL and especially ASSE-OM) a small shadow on the bill on Sunday. Here you will find more important explanations in Saint-Etienne and even more in Lyon.

  • The ban or restriction of a visitor park since April 2013

For six years, ASSE can not count on the support of its fans in Lyon. Between the prohibitions of the prefecture of Rhone and the refusal to visit a small number of followers in the visitor park, the Saint Etienne have only one derby per season. A statement that hardly touches the OL, which in turn was robbed of Geoffroy-Guichard's parking, just over a year after experiencing a total triumph (0-5 and the famed)
Jersey of Nabil Fekir in front of the southern head).

"The absence of opponents kills the derby slowly Fousseni DiawaraFormer defender of the Greens from 2000 to 2008. In addition, the atmosphere for this shock in the OL park seems to be very far from Gerland's ... "A lip service recognized as lip service by some Lyon fans." hurts to say, but since there is no fight for the rostrum with the Etienne, we do not put the same atmosphere as in the past home, "recognizes Thierry Greco, a faithful turn to the south.

  • Parc OL was not yet eligible for a reference derby

Parc OL was inaugurated in January 2016 and has not only left phenomenal vibrations in the European Cup. And above all in the success against Monaco (6: 1 in May 2016) or PSG (2: 1 in 2016 and 2018). Given the three disappointing derbies that housed her, Décines's inclusion on these evenings gave the impression that she was made up of spectators rather than supporters. "It must be said that we have really hit the purges," says Jean-Pierre, the subscriber turns north.

What is nostalgic about the derby of madness in Gerland (3: 0), the last on 8 November 2015 with a triplet by Alexandre Lacazette. The last track of the derby in the bays of OL Park is finally in the previous game. There it is
to sing Take me to Geoffroy-Guichard, a classic of the 42nd minute of play (the number of départements in the Loire), but with more rage from the two turns sung on the derby's approach. Last week against Reims, the Bad Gones also released the banner below.

Here's the banner from last Friday on the north curve of Parc OL, nine days before the Derby in Cauldron.
Here's the banner from last Friday on the north curve of Parc OL, nine days before the Derby in Cauldron. - Jérémy Laugier / 20 minutes

  • There are no more provocations between players and leaders of both sides

As a longtime subscriber to Lyon, Thierry Greco believes he has an important explanation for this "discouragement" of the derby. Well, that word does not exist, but it still sums up the delicate phase that has gone through this great regional event, whose reach goes far beyond football.

I grew up in the derby culture and have always hosted people on the other side a good month before the game. Coaches like Raymond Domenech and Bernard Lacombe did just that, as did players with more derbard fiber than today. Even President Aulas, we no longer hear how he uses the Greens. In the world of football everything has been cleared up and we have not escaped. "

A sentiment confirmed by Sébastien, a key player at the turn north of Lyon: "There are more short sentences to start the celebrations, as we have an army of reflection that we are on TV as soon as we are Do not dare to say that you do not wear green panties during the derby's week. "Just as he loves derby provocations against the" Nabilon, "Cyril affirms," ​​For my part, it will always be a no to the derby that soothes and disinfected.

  • Lyonna is less addicted to Derby than the Greens?

"During the great hegemony of Lyon in the 2000s, the green people were sometimes a little uninterested in the Derby, because the distance was too large," said Luc from the Twitter account Memoirs of ASSE, But since the Greens have found the top of the table, the game is no longer lost in advance. The rivalry has been rejuvenated. At least on the Etienne side, where the Cauldron is still vibrating, except during the last season. Usual games in Sainté, Eric (53) opens the blocking sequence.

The real derby is with Geoffroy-Guichard. The fervor is incredible. There is a special atmosphere in the air that you perceive as you approach the stadium. Personally, I never felt that for another game. In Lyon, the stadium is being renovated. They are forced to emphasize the entrance of the players with sound and light to emphasize the atmosphere. "

The answer from the other side is not in arrears with Jean-Pierre Lyonnais: "It's normal that they are waiting for the derby because they do not have much to vibrate in one season." We welcome Barça in a month in the Champions Aurélien (33) is also a fan of OL who is tracking the current gap between Lyon and Sainté: "This derby is recorded in the genetic heritage of both clubs and the passion will always be there, even if the content is bad. It can also be our whole club that creates distance to its fans. "

Sébastien shares his opinion: "I think that the moderate enthusiasm for the Derby is mainly due to the catastrophe that has taken the OL". Against the background of the many criticisms of the game Bruno Genesio played on the bench.

  • Which future for the Derby?

"The risk of surpassing the derby is obvious as the fans no longer move in the parking lot," said Sylvain, addicted to the Greens. It removes the salt of this meeting. On both sides, I clearly see a certain tiredness in the front derby. Personally, the demonstrations of supporters were before the departure of the buses, I did not care about my hair the first time. Now I am full because I find it exaggerated. "

Also on this point, the issue concerns the OL, as the release of the group Lyon 1950 on Thursday, which will boycott the last training before the derby. A decision that was anything but an anecdote, given the fervor (songs, banners, smoke) that usually surround this strong moment of the Derby week.

In the end, most supporters on both sides are optimistic. Lyon's Sebastien has also seen the fact that the OL / OM and OL / PSG are in the derby in recent seasons, but it can happen, unlike the derby, which will still be derby in 50 years Étienne Eric supports this: "The Derby will never be surpassed because it is a social phenomenon. Antagonism is such that it goes beyond football. Thierry Greco, a nostalgic of the derby's great hours, answers his advice: "We may have to find the soul of our child".