President Létang regrets the violence in Nantes and defends his followers

The President of Stade Rennais Olivier Létang, here in September 2018. - C. Allain / 20 minutes
  • The president of Stade Rennais returned Tuesday after the violence on Sunday near the Beaujoire.

  • According to him, the Rennes fans have completely fulfilled the rules set for the trip.

  • He believes the police have shown "some nervousness".

Stade Rennais had been pretty discreet so far
on the incidents between some of his followers and the police on Sunday near the Beaujoire. In the riots just before the game, several Rennes fans were injured and two of them were taken to the hospital. A supporter was also taken into police custody to commit violence against a public authority official.

Asked about this topic this Tuesday afternoon, the president of Rennes Olivier Létang complained "that some of our followers were injured". "Football has to be a party, and of course it's essential to maintain the security in the stadiums, but it's also necessary to maintain the support of the supporters," he said.

"The Rennes fans are not violent"

Olivier Létang took the opportunity to defend the attitude of the Rennes supporters during their trip to Nantes. A version that is very different from that of the police that condemned the behavior of some Monday. "Our Security Director was with our supporters during our framed trip, and they respected the framework imposed on them perfectly," said the Breton leader. "Our followers are not violent, they are not a horde of barbarians when they move," he added.

In his view, the reason for these incidents is rather the search for the police side. "Obviously, there was probably some nervousness because our supporters did not cause an incident," he said, refusing to argue about it. "But I do not want to shoot anyone, the police have been extremely mobilized in recent weeks, but we should have avoided that violence."

The Ultras RCK invite you to complain

In the morning, Rozhon Celtic Kop, the main group of Ultra Rennes, sent a message on Twitter to the supporters present in Nantes asking them to "complain to the gendarmerie", "write to the Prosecutor of Nantes" and "report to the General Inspectorate of the National Police ".