Portuguese hacker behind revelations under house arrest in Hungary, Portugal requested extradition

This is a yellow card - MARCO BERTORELLO / AFP

His name is Rui Pinto, who is 30 years old and lives in Hungary. Introduced by his lawyer, Mr. Deak, as one of the whistleblowers behind the "Football Leaks", the series went through important information on the backstage of football, which led to a series of revelations since the end of 2016. The Portuguese were on Wednesday evening under a European arrest warrant the Portuguese authorities. On Friday, his lawyer said that Pinto was under house arrest
in Budapest, until the extradition request was decided.

"After the verdict, he will not be able to leave his home and must wear an electronic bracelet," said Deak. The Hungarian Public Prosecutor's Office, which had requested detention, appealed against the decision, as did Mr Pinto, who had requested a more flexible judicial review.

In Hungary, to escape the Portuguese judiciary

The Portuguese court has requested the extradition of Mr Pinto, against whom he objects. The Hungarian judiciary has sixty days to decide on this request from the date of arrest, Mr Deak added.

Rui Pinto is defended by an international team of lawyers in France and Portugal, while the French and Swiss judges responsible for investigating football leaks or FIFA have applied for the participation of self-taught computer scientists. Born in the suburbs of Porto, the historian lived in Budapest for several years, fearing arrest for football leaks, the Portuguese press said.