Pelé still sees Mbappé as his successor and "it's not a joke"

Brazilian pele at the World Economic Forum in Sao Paulo on March 14, 2018. - AFP PHOTO / WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM / BENEDICT OF LOEBELL

Nice shot for France football, This Tuesday, the magazine publishes
an interview with Pelé. Of course, the Brazilian legend speaks about his health, the Brazilian football, Neymar, PSG and Kylian Mbappé. A few months later
Exchange of friendliness during
At the World Cup, the Brazilian does not move: He sees the striker of the blues as a possible successor.

"He won the World Cup at 19, I was only 17. I put him in the chamber and said he almost balanced out, I think he can become the new Pele! Many think I said that to laugh but no, that's no joke, "he insists.

We only ask for it. We will see how Mbappé develops in the coming years. In any case, one of the keys to Pelé is boundless. Especially flat palms. "To make me even happier, you must now win another World Cup," the Brazilian calls directly in his interview. Listen to what Kyky says when we talk to him
His future is a priori good in his plans, no worries.