Pako Ayestarán is dismissed as coach of Pachuca

MEXICO -- Francisco Ayestarán ceases to be the coach of Pachuca to be stopped by the Hidalgo leadership after the team was thrashed 3-0 by America at the Estadio Azteca.

The Spanish helmsman did not meet expectations. He came to office at the 2018 Opening; the present Clausura 2019 was the second tournament that directed the Tuzos.

If his first opportunity did not qualify (six games won, six tied and six lost) in this had a bad start that nothing guaranteed that could put the team to the group.

Ayestarán goes after the 3-0 that the Eagles gave Pachuca on the third date of the tournament. His debut was disastrous: 5-0 at the hands of Monterrey. In the second day he won 3-0 to Queretaro, however this rival occupies the last positions of the general table.

The strategist has not been able to play a league and in his previous job as coach of Santos (Opening 2015) the contract was not renewed. That time he took the helm on day seven and got 13 points out of 33 possible.

In 2013, his work in Mexican soccer was known. It was brought by the same Pachuca Group to direct Estudiantes Tecos in the Liga de Ascenso. Its passage by the division was very good since it took to the equipment to the title in the Closing 2014, although in the end of ascent it remained in the border when being overcome by Black Leones.