Orange put in abeyance to respect its obligations

The Arcep has once again typed on the fingers of Orange. The Telecom Regulatory Authority has called on the incumbent operator to respect its obligations in terms of quality on wholesale offers to the corporate market but also on access to the local loop.

The decision, dated December 18 but published Wednesday, January 16, criticizes Orange to meet the delivery date of a copper line, in the case of the wholesale market for businesses, in only 80% of cases during the year 2018, while the target is 90% and quality of service down in a number of cases.

Arcep also blames the operator, on the local loop this time, a "Quality of service degraded significantly" and unbundling deadlines "Reach abnormally high levels"at the expense of competing operators. The local loop is the part of the network connecting a subscriber to the first level of equipment in the telecom network as a whole.

In one case as in the other, the regulator requires Orange to " to respect intermediate values, as of the first quarter, leading to the respect of the defined objectives ".

Orange already pinned in October

In its decision, the Authority recalls that the incumbent " must respond to reasonable requests for access to the wholesale market for high-quality access with a high quality of service that is likely to ensure effective access " to other operators.

Regarding the local loop, Orange is held "To ensure the effectiveness of access by guaranteeing third-party operators the ability to provide their own offers under appropriate conditions".

This is not the first time that Arcep has been putting Orange on the spot in recent months, the Autorité having particularly criticized the operator at the end of October for not respecting its quality of service obligation as operator of the universal fixed telephony service. The regulator had regretted "Progressive degradation of the quality of service" of the operator, supposed to offer an affordable telephony service for everyone. Orange reacted by denouncing for its part a communication "Objectively erroneous", and reproached the Authority for a publication two days before the presentation of its quarterly results.

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