"Fans of Massimo extol, and humiliate us, insult"

Spartak defender Andrei Yeshchenko told about the relationship between the team and the fans.

- December interview? I do not know, but what's the manifesto? That the fans are about the team, they are all guilty, and one person is great? I said what I thought. The championship was won by all: Carrera, fans, and football players. But fans extol one coach. It may be right somewhere, but it’s not worth while to underestimate our merits. They raise Massimo, humiliate us, insult us, find some kind of organized criminal group. Once again: I said what I thought, and I am ready to repeat it to you again, ”said Yeshchenko.

- So I told fans already: let them come to the base. If someone does not like something, let them express it in his eyes. Come, speak out, it's always the same. But so far no one has come, not a single person. But on the field begin to run out. What did he want? To fight with Glushakov? Or show that he is so cool?

- So not all they mud it over us. I listened to the game with Lokomotiv: some of them start shouting about Glushakov, some of them booed. In general, if we had a mess at the beginning of the season, now it's a mess in the stands. Guys, be one, whatever it is. Nobody forbids you to shout “A tutti! Avanti! ”, Hang posters. But the team needs to drive forward. The players will leave, the coaches will leave, and Spartak will remain. You are a fan of the club, and not for individuals.

Recall that in 2018 Massimo Carrera was dismissed from his post as head coach of Spartak, to whom Nazarov dedicated an angry poem, and the red-white players Denis Glushakov and Eshchenko put Instagram posts. After that, both players were sent to the double "Spartacus."

In the current season, Eshchenko has played 9 matches for the main part of Spartak.

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