No free public transport in Île-de-France

This measure would have an impact " very weak " on car traffic and its financing would be ' difficult to insure ".

Paris has nevertheless announced a series of free targeted measures for September 2019.

Exit the idea of ​​free public transport in the Paris region. While the debate continues to mount for environmental and social reasons, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, had called his deputies, in March 2018, to " assess whether there is a viable business model ". Their answer: this measure would have an impact " very weak " on car traffic and its financing would be ' difficult to insure ".

This statement was shared by the Île-de-France region, the transport organizer, which commissioned its own study in April to independent experts. "According to them, this would saturate more part of public transport in the short term and would be at the expense of walking or cycling, explains Grégoire de Lasteyrie, special delegate of the region in charge of new mobility. And that would amount to raising taxes by around € 500 per household. "

Four measures effective as of September 2019

The report of the Paris City Hall, entitled For a big bang of transport pricing in Greater Paris, nevertheless proposes 23 measures. Four will be put in place as of 1st September 2019 for the benefit of young Parisians: those aged 4 to 11, as well as disabled people under the age of 20, will benefit from free public transport; middle and high school students will be reimbursed 50% of the Navigo Pass; and those aged 14 to 18 will receive a free Vélib 'subscription.

All these measures are under the jurisdiction of the city and will be financed " in 2019 by redeployments, amounting to 5 million euros And self-financed the following years " for example, thanks to the revenues of the new information street furniture market ".

The report also proposes a full refund of the Navigo Pass for employees paid up to 1.5 times the Smic, as well as for single-parent families. "State-owned and requires corporate financing"acknowledge the authors of the report.

27% of regional public transport financed by users

The region, led for three years by the right, defends its action. " We must completely renovate the network, very dated and for which there has been under-investment for decadesinsists Gregory of Lasteyrie. We are in the process of ordering new equipment on most RER lines and 1,000 electric buses will be deployed in Paris. Cost: 550 000 € for an electric bus. "

Currently, public transport in the capital region costs more than 10 billion euros per year, of which 27% on average are paid by users. " Our network is one of the cheapest in major European capitalsrecalls Gregory of Lasteyrie. In London, the equivalent Navigo pass, all zones, amounts to € 415 per month. "

Clément Grillet