nextgen consoles can be based on AMD Gonzalo with Navi graphics - Iron News - Gambling

Around future production consoles Sony and Microsoft still soars a lot of rumors. In current models PS4 and Xbox oneas you know, custom processor cores are used Jaguar and graphics processor with architecture GCN. Now there is another confirmation that future models can be based on hybrid processors. AMD.

TUM APISAK insider published Twitter screenshot, which, according to him, confirms the use of "red» APU. We are talking about some kind of model GonzaloEquipped with eight processor cores with a clock frequency of 1.6-3.2 GHz and GPU architecture Navi. According to the source, this Navi 10 Lite. The processor itself uses an AM4 socket and belongs to the desktop category.

All these data confirm one thing - the processor is already ready and is being tested (of course, if this is not a fake). About exactly what will be the "heart" of the new consoles, probably everyone will know closer to the announcement.

Earlier it was reported that AMD is working on certain "secret ingredients" for consoles Sony and Microsoft, and each model will be unique.