New stratagems and big boss for the sixth season

Laurent Guillard, patron of restaurants Léon de Bruxelles in his usual costume (left) and grim to participate in "Patron incognito". - SCREEN CAPTURE / ENDEMOL
  • The sixth season of Incognito boss is launched this Tuesday at 21 hours on M6.

  • Business leaders get excited about evolving among their employees and confronting their daily lives without being recognized.

  • Laurent Guillard, the patron of the restaurant chain Léon de Bruxelles opens the ball this season 6.

For her big comeback on M6 this Tuesday at 9 pm, she does not want to go unnoticed. Launched in 2012, the show
Incognito boss, in which business leaders grim to evolve with their employees without being recognized, brings no less than three million viewers to each issue.

For this sixth season, the film crew has changed the device to prevent the boss is unmasked by its employees. She shows up in the company with the pretext of filming a report for M6, a fake journalist. To scramble the tracks, absolutely useless footage is shot, including interviews with employees. The boss incognito is simply a new recruit whose arrival in the box has nothing to do with filming. And to remove any doubt, the repeated interventions of the fake journalist can divert the attention of employees.

Still, it is necessary to convince leaders who agree to play the game. "Find bosses who agree to exercise to leave their office and go on the ground with a wig, it is very complicated. But we managed this year with banners we are very proud of, "says Angélique Sansonnetti, program director at Endemol.

"A rapprochement between employees and boss"

For this new season, the production has managed to adorn false beards and other hairpieces the heads of four major brands: Leon de Bruxelles, Franprix, Leonidas or Rent a Car. Brands well known to viewers who will be able to discover some of the scenes on M6.

This Tuesday, Laurent Gillard, patron of restaurants Leon de Bruxelles, opens the ball. Founded in 1893, this French restaurant chain specializing in French fries now has 80 restaurants and 1,500 employees in France. Wishing to open 20 additional restaurants, he will go to three stores to discover the reality of the land in contact with his employees. He will pass for Pierre Langlois, the future deputy director of one of the restaurants.

These immersions will be an opportunity for the bosses to make beautiful meetings, ensures the chain. Frédéric de Vincelles, director of M6 programs, says that Incognito boss "Work to a better understanding, a rapprochement between employees and boss". A program that takes a particular resonance in a context of strong
social protest and salary.