Netflix will not delete account sharing

No, Netflix does not intend to track down subscribers who share their account codes with family and friends. By announcing that it can track down artificial intelligence at the CES in Las Vegas, the shady sharing of passwords, the British start-up Synamedia offered itself a nice publicity stunt. Relayed by the American site The Verge, this announcement was quickly taken seriously by various media.

Yes, Synamedia's algorithms are, according to its leaders, able to analyze the access data of a video-on-demand service as Netflix, HBO Go or Amazon Prime Video. Artificial intelligence would be especially able to detect if the password is shared or if it has been sold online to third parties. But today, no agreement has been reached between the start-up and Netflix. The Twitter account of Netflix France and Belgium has ironically questioned the "Source?" information published by Jean-Marc Morandini on January 14, entitled "Netflix - Sharing your account with family and friends may soon become impossible and even block your access". Netflix also enjoyed the rumor on Instagram.

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