Netflix is ​​"more in competition with Fortnite than with HBO"

This is a statement that will not go unnoticed in the small streamo-geeko-vidoludic world. She was proffered, without lying, during a conversation with our confrres of IGN, about their last financial quarter.

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Indeed, in his last financial report, Netflix has some confidences with his interlocutors. And the quote then says a lot about what is now Epic Games game across the world, in terms of entertainment and revenue generation.

Speaking of their presence on the notches of all hairs, here is what a representative of the mark said:

We are more present on consumer screens, both on mobile and on TV, on the sidelines of many of our competitors. We are mostly competing with Fortnite (facing who we are losing) rather than with HBO.

As you know, Fortnite, is now playable on many media. And has become cross-play more. Players spend a lot of time on their machine, not Netflix.

And even if it has more than 80 million subscribers in the world, Netflix already seems to point to a big competitor "time eater" that seems to bring him some damage. And that, the mark had probably not foreseen.