NASA warns of collision of "asteroid doomsday" to the ground .. Know the details

NASA's asteroid, NASA, has launched the 87-tonne Pino asteroid, warning that if the asteroid collides with the earth, it will produce a collision energy equivalent to 80,000 times the energy produced by the nuclear bombardment of the city. Hiroshima of Japan in August 1945, which changes the whole life form on the planet.

According to NASA, the length of the asteroid "Pino" up to 500 feet, which means that it is larger than the building "Empire State", and weighs more than the Titanic about 1664 times, confirming that this collision will result in the killing of millions of people, Which will affect millions of other people.

NASA scientists said it was not necessary to prepare for the event in the near future, because there is a 1 in 2700 chance of an asteroid hitting the Earth from 2175 to 2199. NASA has launched the Osiris-Rex probe, Which set a record after entering the orbit of the asteroid "Pino" at the beginning of 2019, the smallest celestial object ever orbiting a spacecraft, and 1600 feet (500 meters) away from Earth.

The probe, Osiris-Rex, is carrying out a reconnaissance mission on the asteroid before landing on its surface in 2020, when the probe will collect samples of the asteroid and then return to earth in the hope of discovering the origin of the human presence, scientists believe. Proof of the theory that billions of years ago asteroids collided with the earth, and transferred to them the chemicals necessary for the emergence of life.

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