Nantes pushes his "dear" scorer, Emiliano Sala, to a start

Emiliano Sala (in yellow) during the match Nantes-Montpellier, January 8, 2019.
Emiliano Sala (in yellow) during the match Nantes-Montpellier, January 8, 2019. LOIC VENANCE / AFP

Emiliano Sala does not want to see Cardiff in January. Despite its bay, the river Taf, its castle in the city center and the 22 million euros put on the table for his transfer, the Welsh capital says nothing to the striker FC Nantes (opposite Rennes, Sunday in 15 hours at the 20e League day). Or is it the prospect of joining a club ranked 17e of the Premier League and promised to fight for the maintenance?

The leaders of Cardiff City FC - who have always played in the English championships - they do not let go of the case. Tuesday, January 8 at the stadium of La Beaujoire, they came to oversee the 28-year-old Argentinean again in the victory of Nantes against Montpellier (2-0). The manager Neil Warnock took place in the presidential box with the agent and intermediary in this issue, Willie McKay.

Premier League clubs have ways and perseverance that goes with it. After hinting at the end of December 2018 that the Sala case was buried, Warnock still targets the second scorer in Ligue 1 (12 goals in 17 games) as a priority.

The same day, Waldemar Kita played the inflexible in an interview at The Team. "I am not a plaintiff. Today there is nothing on the table. You do not think that I'm going to call Cardiff or who knows who. "the president of FC Nantes was annoyed.

Anger for the form? According to 20 Minutes, Mr. Kita has a proposal of 22 million euros (half returning to Bordeaux, considered the training club of the Argentine) on his desk from Cardiff. Officially, the leader camps on the line of the coach, Vahid Halilhodzic, not decided to drop a boy author of 46% of the goals of his team: "I am the opinion of the coach; so Emiliano Sala must not leave. " Unofficially, the door is more than open.

A president always has the last word, especially when he owns the club and the offer is also plump. "I understand President Kita: 22 million euros to a year and a half of the end of a contract, it is a sum difficult to refuse, Olivier Quint, former Nantes player and consultant for France Bleu Loire Océan. After that, the question is, what is the club's ambition? If he's aiming for the top 6, keep Sala and Diego Carlos [défenseur central], his two best players. "

The revenge of the unloved

For the so-called "medium" clubs of Ligue 1, it is the eternal conflict between sporting and economic logic: selling your best player or ensuring your tomorrow. In the case of Sala, the capital gain would be almost unexpected for an attacker bought for a million euros in Bordeaux in 2015 and long mocked for his laborious style.

Knee, ear or screaming, Sala lives for the purpose, the aesthetic goes after. A profile not always appreciated in his adopted country, where he settled his bags in 2010. "I feel like I'm not being judged by myself, he regretted in an interview at So Foot in November 2018. I do not know why, but I feel like I have to prove again and again. "

In Nantes, it is not a mystery that the player lives badly to be less well paid than other executives of the locker room. The discussions on a new contract (and the accompanying pay revaluation) were short-lived between the two parties.

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Today, the attacker, become "bankable", has the cards in hand and would prefer to end the season in Nantes, except financial proposal and interesting sports. Now, in his eyes, Cardiff does not tick the second box. "He does not want to be in a bottom team and prefers the Spanish league, thinks he knows Olivier Quint. But if he stays, he can also hurt himself or no longer score. Not sure that a club replopose more than 20 million in Nantes. "

To sell is one thing, it is necessary to be able, then, to replace the starter. The scorer is a coveted prey but difficult to catch, especially during the winter transfer window which remains a market adjustment. "But which scorer can attract Nantes in January? asks Olivier Quint. There are very few players of this profile on the market, or they are much too expensive for Nantes. "

In their misfortune (possible), supporters Nantes may not be alone. Bordeaux also opened the door from his top scorer, Francois Kamano. The Guinean (author of 8 of the 20 goals of his team this season) is strongly urged in Monaco against a transfer of 18 million euros.

The beginning of the year could be fruitful for the new American owners of the Girondins, especially if they recovered their share on the sale of Emiliano Sala. Not sure that the Argentine considers this argument in his reflection.

Alexandre Pedro

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