More than 1,600 aircraft delivered ... 2018, a record year for the Boeing and Airbus giants

Airbus A330 and Air China Boeing 737 seen from an airplane at Beijing International Airport, April 11, 2018. - G. Baker / AFP

The duel at high altitude is still tight. Boeing and Airbus have released their civil aircraft delivery figures in 2018 this Tuesday. And they set a new record.

Pending final figures from Airbus, which will be available after audit, Boeing retains the title of first aircraft manufacturer in terms of delivery, acquired for almost seven years. The US manufacturer announced in a statement, have delivered 806 civil aircraft throughout the year. A new record therefore, but below its ambitions, which were between 810 and 815 devices, after 736 in 2017.

Airbus, for its part, "reached the number of 800 deliveries of commercial aircraft in 2018" he had set, said the European manufacturer, also by press release.

On Wall Street, the Boeing stock jumped more than 3% in the late afternoon (French time), while the Airbus share gained 3.70% at the Paris Stock Exchange on Tuesday.

Deliveries are a decisive barometer for the turnover of aircraft manufacturers because airlines usually pay when they take possession of the aircraft. They are also a good thermometer for estimating the state of available cash.

Very good numbers despite the industrial problems

The two rivals made big numbers despite the problems that affected the aeronautics in 2018. Boeing for example had to deal with industrial problems at its suppliers about fuselages and engines.

The fight is also raging for orders, a sector dominated in recent years by the European group. Boeing received 893 net orders for the whole year, of which 76% were on the 737. Airbus did not publish its figure, but by the end of November it had 380 net orders and has since finalized hundreds of other orders, according to analysts.