Mobilization is gaining momentum

About 84,000 people demonstrated Saturday under Act 9 of the "yellow vests" against 50,000 last week, said the Interior Ministry, which also reported 244 arrests throughout the country.

In Paris, where nearly 5,000 members of the security forces were mobilized, 8,000 people marched "in peace" and "without serious incident reported," according to the Ministry of the Interior.

"Throughout the week, I called for the end of the violence, I note that today, in Paris, the responsibility has triumphed over the temptation of confrontation.Place now the great national debate, which will open on Tuesday, and which must be able to take place in a serene and constructive climate, "said Minister Christophe Castaner in a statement sent to AFP.

On the whole territory, the police carried out 244 arrests which resulted in 201 police custody, according to the place Beauvau.

Clashes everywhere in France

It notes, however, that "again, there has been - and there is still today - in some cities, tensions, degradations and clashes".

Clashes between demonstrators and police broke out in several cities in regions such as Nîmes, Nantes, Rouen, Caen or Saint-Brieuc.

Throughout the week, the authorities have forecast an increase in mobilization and warned of risks of overflowing in Paris and in the provinces. The government has increased warnings promising a strong response of "ultra-firmness" against "ultra-violence".

Some 80,000 law enforcement personnel have been mobilized throughout the country.

(With AFP)