Microsoft abandons its mobile bet and recommends switching to iOS or Android • El Nuevo Diario

The US software giant Microsoft announced today that in December it will stop offering technical support for Windows 10 Mobile, which means abandoning its bet in the mobile market, and recommended users to switch to iOS or Android operating systems.

In a message on its customer support website, the company based in Redmond (Washington State, USA) indicated that on December 10, 2019 it will stop sending "new security updates, code repairs, free assistance and technical content updates. "

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"With the end of technical support for the Windows 10 Mobile operating system, we recommend that customers switch to Android devices (owned by Alphabet, Google's parent company) or iOS (the operating system of Apple's iPhones)," the company said. U.S.

In practice, Microsoft's announcement today means the definitive abandonment of its commitment to mobile phones, a field in which it generated great expectations a decade ago, but in which in recent years it already offered the feeling of having thrown in the towel completely.

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In fact, in recent times the company that runs Satya Nadella had already adopted "de facto" for Android as the operating system for their applications, and their Office editing products are available for both this system and iOS.

Microsoft announced that in December it will stop offering technical support for Windows 10 Mobile. Archive / END

In September 2013, in full effervescence of the Microsoft mobile project, the company acquired the mobile phone unit of Finland's Nokia for 7,200 million dollars, but only two years later, in 2015, it gave the operation as a failed and dismissed to 8,000 workers.

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Last Monday, the firm of Redmond also announced that within a year, on January 14, 2020, will stop offering technical support for its Windows 7 operating system on computers, still one of the most used, which will make those who follow using it more vulnerable to attacks by hackers.