Man was charged with an Heathrow drone incident

One man was charged with flying a drone near Heathrow Airport on Christmas Eve.

The 38-year-old George Rusu is said to have used on 24 December on a field near one of the two runways of the most busy airport in the United Kingdom mounted drones.

The alleged incident occurred just three days after Gatwick was fully reopened after three days of flight cancellations and delays affecting about 140,000 passengers caused by drone sightings.

Rusu from Blunts Avenue, Hillingdon, will appear at Uxbridge Magistrates & # 39; Court on Tuesday.

He is accused of flying "a small unmanned aircraft without permission of air traffic control", according to court documents.

The drone did not cause any disruption at Heathrow, unlike another drone sighting on January 8, which shut down a runway for just over an hour.