Make your video dollars more effective

So, you are planning to make a video. Maybe do you have an upcoming trade show or do you need new marketing support for a product to come? A video seems like a good idea, but you're not sure it will be worth the cost, especially if you only have one event to use. Can you justify the purchase? What about the time you will spend there? Is there a way to make it last? Can you stretch those dollars a little further? Yes. Here's how...

With a little planning, the work of creating a video can be expanded to cover multiple uses and even multiple videos. Suppose you need one video marketing and one for training ... would you have two complete productions to cost you an arm and a leg? Not necessarily. It's simple: pull it once, use it again and again. Get all the b-roll possible in every place you visit, keeping it in your footage library for later use. After all, if the video team is already present and is collecting images, why not get a little more? You may not need it yet, but it will come in handy if you have a last-minute lounge or CEO presentation! The cost of video production decreases exponentially when you already have a lot of footage to work on. Therefore, if you take care to cover all possible visuals, you will be well served, both during the initial production and afterwards. Even if you just need to update an existing video, refreshing it with a few different sequences can make a huge difference without the high price.

Another profitable marketing concept: branding. Every company or organization must have a good branding strategy, with at least a solid foundation of logo, color and mission. The visual consistency of your products goes a long way, whether on video or any other type of support. Keeping a consistent look in your productions makes it easier for the viewer to recall the brand, which is always good for your message. It's also great for the price; Consistent graphics minimize the time spent by a graphic artist and a clear understanding of the company's brand allows producers and editors to spend less time trying to decipher the company and convey its message. Less time is equivalent to less money spent! Brand strategy is good for your business and can save you a lot of money.

So here's what you need to remember in your next video: a little planning with your production company can go a long way! Make as many sequences as you can in an instant, understand the visual cues of your business and reuse what you have. Integrate this additional sequence into your investor report or add it to a PowerPoint presentation. Spend a little less footage on your next video because you already have some of what you need. Use your video graphics in your other presentations to maintain your brand. Whatever you do, try to think of the future ... it will pay off!