Lormont: a joint action of the yellow vests and employees of Ford Blanquefort

Fifty people, employees of the Ford factory Blanquefort mobilized at the call of the CGT union and yellow vests from the north of the Gironde, have invaded the concession Ford Lormont this Saturday morning shortly after 10 hours.

"The yellow vests and Ford Blanquefort same fight," said a flyer distributed on the spot. "For us, it is important to denounce the closure of the Blanquefort plant. It's shameful, I put myself in their place, "said Manu, 36, a yellow vest employed by Sanofi Patricia, a resident of Saint-André-de-Cubzac 64 years had made the trip, because she is fighting "for the future of his children" and is struggling to make ends meet with an auxiliary life pension of 1100 euros.

The delegation entered the showroom of the concession without incident. The protesters were greeted by the director of the site that belongs to the Palau group. Bruno Dacoste assured them of his support. "We're behind you, when the factory is suffering, we're suffering too," he told them, although recent events have not had a particular impact on car sales. At this time, few customers were on site.

Philippe Poutou (CGT Ford) and Gilles Lambersend, secretary of the Works Council (CGT) posed next to the full-size photo of Teddy Riner, the brand's new ambassador Ford. "We asked to meet him to explain what is behind the logo," Philippe Poutou said.

Ford yellow vests and cementists also distributed leaflets on the roundabout near the Ford dealership in Lormont, avenue de Paris, for part of the morning.