Ligue 1: The 21st day live - Ligue 1

COMING UP: Beginning of the live: 19/01/2019 at 20:03

IN PROGRESS: Updated at 20:06

ENDED: End of live:

at 21:36

The second goal of Reims has been canceled

Finally, the second goal of Reims was canceled for an offside position. Nothing had been announced officially!

at 21:34

Less than 15 minutes of play

Monaco-Strasbourg 1-4
Nimes-Toulouse 0-1
Reims-Nice 1-0

at 21:34

New opportunity for Nîmes! 0-1 (77th)

Alioui inherits the ball in the surface. The striker Nîmes crosses his shot in strength. It is slightly deviated by Reynet!

at 21:32

Nîmes does the forcing: 0-1 (75th)

The Nîmes give everything to return. They try to find offsets on the wings. But for the moment, Toulouse are the shock!

at 21:28

Exclusion of Mitrovic! 1-4 (69th)

Mitrovic is excluded after a big mistake on Lopes. Both teams are at 10!

at 21:27


What a goal of Ajorque! The Alsatian striker made a full-thrust breakthrough and concluded his action with a left-foot shot! Benaglio can not do anything!

at 21:26


Chavarria is served in the depths. It overflows and finds Cafaro withdrawn who scored the goal of the break of the right foot! Benitez is beaten!

at 21:23


What goal of Sissoko! Ajorque recovers the ball in the feet of Fabregas and serves Sissoko in withdrawal. The Strasbourg midfielder makes a superb strike of the right foot which ends in the skylight!

at 21:20

We're over half an hour

Monaco-Strasbourg 1-2
Nimes-Toulouse 0-1
Reims 1-0 Nice

at 21:18

Alioui's head! 0-1 (61e)

On a Savanier corner, Alioui places his head. Reynet is still on the trajectory!

at 21:17

Nice can not seem dangerous: 1-0 (59th)

The Niçois seem out of order on this match. They have no offensive inspiration and have trouble combining. They will have to wake up to get back to the mark!

at 21:14

What a resumption of Sylla! 0-1 (57th)

Amian overflows and center at the far post for Sylla who achieves a superb volley JUST past!

at 21:11

Nîmes continues to bring the danger in the surface of Téfécé: 0-1 (53e)

The Nîmes get a lot of opportunities. Fortunately for Toulouse, Reynet is vigilant!

at 21:08

Strasbourg took the ball: 1-2 (49th)

Alsatians take advantage of their numerical superiority to put their foot back on the ball.

at 21:03

Nice stop Reynet! 0-1 (47th)

Bozok hits the goal with a small point. Reynet relaxes perfectly to push the ball with your fingertips!

at 21:03

Cafaro takes his chance from a distance: 1-0 (46th)

Served in the center of the field, the midfielder puts himself in the direction of the game and strikes from afar. It's above!

at 21:01


The matches start again!

at 21:00

Players return to the lawns

The matches will resume!

at 20:49

It's half-time!

The scores at the break:

Monaco-Strasbourg 1-2
Nimes-Toulouse 0-1
Reims 1-0 Nice

at 20:48

The match was rebalanced between Monaco and Strasbourg (45th)

After a clear domination of Strasbourg, the Monegasques are back in the game. Both teams have opportunities on their offensive phases.

at 20:43


Mitrovic hits the crossbar on a well-stored corner. Monaco can be released!

at 20:42


Yaya Sanogo opens the scoring! On a distant center of Amian, the Téfécé striker tackles the ball perfectly to deceive Bernardoni!

at 20:40

Halftime is getting closer

There are five minutes left before the break.

at 20:37

Chavarria misses home - - 1-0 (36th)

Served right side on a cross, Chavarria controls, gets on his left foot before striking in force. It is well beside!

at 20:33

Superb free-kick from Alioui! 0-0 (32nd)

Alioui hits a free kick with a rebound. His attempt forces Reynet out the ball with a cuff!

at 20:31

We are at half an hour of play

Monaco-Strasbourg 1-2
Nimes-Toulouse 0-0
Reims 1-0 Nice

at 20:28

Big shot of Kamara! 1-0 (26th)

Kamara is served 25 meters from the cages on the left. He releases a powerful shot that grazes the left post of Benitez!

at 20:25


Tielemans finds Falcao in the area on a superb pass. The Monegasque striker fools Salts with a strike a little missed from the left! Monaco returns to the score!

at 20:23


Golovin overflows on my left and center side. Falcao places a head that passes a few inches from the left post of Sels!

at 20:21

Nîmes puts a lot of intensity: 0-0 (20th)

The Nîmes have been in the Toulouse camp for several minutes. They push to open the score!

at 20:19


After a cornered corner, Fofana crosses from the right side. Thomasson cuts the trajectory of the head at the entrance of the surface to register the goal of the break!

at 20:17

We are at quarter of an hour of play

Monaco-Strasbourg 0-1
Nimes-Toulouse 0-0
Reims 1-0 Nice

at 20:15


Lala addresses a perfect center for the head of Ajorque. The attempt of the Alsacian center-forward leaves behind Benaglio. Strasbourg leads to

at 20:13


Romao finds Oudin in the depths. The striker remembers control and strings with a shot from the left foot that cheats Benitez!

at 20:12

Nimes continues to push: 0-0 (11th)

Thioub realizes a new breakthrough right side before serving Bozok in withdrawal. The striker Nîmois strikes, but it is countered by Amian!

at 20:09

Red card for Naldo! 0-0 (7th)

Naldo has just been excluded after watching the video. The defender Monegasque committed a fault on Ajorque, who went alone to the cages! Monaco will finish the match at 10!

at 20:06

Thioub did speak his power: 0-0 (6th)

The striker Nîmes makes a nice breakthrough on the right side and center recessed. It is clear in extremis by the Toulouse defense!

at 20:04

Nice attempt of Lopes! 0-0 (2nd)

Fabregas finds Lopes in the depths. The Monegasque offensive midfielder takes his chance on the right foot. It's rejected by Sels!

at 20:02

Nice has the ball: 0-0 (3rd)

OGC Nice took the ball in the first minutes of play. The Aiglons run quietly to find a gap.

at 20:01

Yaya's head! 0-0 (1e)

Dossevi perfectly adjusts his free-kick to the head of Yaya Sanogo. The center-forward Toulouse is on the verge of opening the scoring. His attempt goes right next!

at 20:00


The multiplex of the 21st day of Ligue 1 is launched!

at 19:58

Players have returned to the lawns

The matches will start in a few moments.

at 19:53

Teams returned to the locker room

They will come out in a few minutes for the ceremonies.

at 19:33

Players are warming up

The formations warm up to half an hour of the kickoff!

at 19:17

The matches to follow

Nimes, Toulouse

at 19:17

Good evening to you all

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