Lidl: Angry customer demands dismissal of an employee - everything is different

A Lidl customer made her anger on Facebook over a meeting with a coworker air. The reaction of the discounter makes for violent criticism.

Bad Säckingen - An angry post from a Lidl customer is currently on Facebook for many discussions. After a Lidl customer was laughed at a branch in Bad Säckingen according to own statement by a coworker, she wrote over Facebook angrily to the enterprise.

There, the noticeably angry customer portrayed that when shopping instead of the announced cash register another was opened. The customer had already put her goods on the tape. Then she was laughingly asked by a - in her words - "young Schnösel" to bring the products on the other band. This incident angered the customer so much that she demanded in their posting the dismissal of "such employees".

Criticizing Lidl's reaction to mail from angry customer

Lidl responded to the angry statement of the customer and showed understanding for her criticism: "This is of course annoying. I would like to forward your request to the responsible colleagues. Please send us an e-mail with your request and the exact branch, "answered a Lidl employee.

The customer's post caused a stir on Facebook, many users commented on the post. What Lidl probably did not expect: Just about all users put themselves on the side of the employee and fiercely criticized the reaction of the discounter, who thus came twice in the criticism.

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Users protect Lidl employees

Above all, the users accuse the discounter of disloyalty towards his own employees. For example, one user commented, "Are not you ashamed a little bit at least? You fall with such comments your own employees in the back. But this is unfortunately also reflected in real life so the main thing the customer is satisfied! "

Another user immediately provided a theory for the described behavior of the employee: "Maybe he just laughed with his colleagues because they accidentally opened the wrong box?"

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But even at the customer Facebook users did not leave a good hair. For example, one customer commented, "The customer is always exaggerating ... and now the employee should be quit because he laughed" and earned nearly 100 likes.

Also funny comments made the network community, an amused Userin wrote: Hopefully Lidl apologizes tomorrow publicly here that they have nice employees. That's not possible at all. He laughed! "On the criticism of their reaction Lidl has not yet responded.

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