▷ LG will launch a smartphone with extended screen in a housing

LG gives a twist to the folding phones

In this year 2019 in which there will be no Samsung Unpacked in Barcelona, ​​it seems that the great agitator of the Mobile World Congress will be an LG willing to cover the void left by his compatriots traveling that road of innovation to which they gave up in 2018 because technology is not mature enough.

It has been speculated for weeks several presentations in the range of LG Android smartphones, and although there is also much talk about the race for the folding phone that is maintained by other Samsung, LG, Huawei or Xiaomi, everything points to the South Koreans they are going to give a return to that concept of a folding mobile but without launching or teaching one, not at least one that is literally collapsible.

How much speculation, no? Well, let's talk about clear things, because what seems to have been clear is that the LG G8 will be in Barcelona, ​​although the source of this new information indicates that this device will not apply to the next LG flagship.

LG will launch a smartphone with extended screen thanks to a housing

Folding mobiles are not yet ready, but the concept of the extended screen does like the market

These are the premises of an LG that according to the rumors is not willing to stay half with a folding phone that does not offer an optimal result, so to work, the design team of the South Korean firm would have developed an accessory similar to a housing with a second screen that also extends the smartphone experience.

This accessory would accompany a smartphone whose name is not known, and which It would not be foldable but I would have the possibility to offer that tablet experience connecting the housing with its secondary screen to the terminal.

The sources say that the diagonal would double, so we understand that the accessory would have a panel equal to the terminal and a connector or magnetic as the Moto Mods -we must remember the LG experience with the modularity of your LG G5-, or using the USB-C port.

LG prepares a MWC 2019 with many surprises

The informant claims to have seen the prototypes and be very close to LG, indicating that the company is still it is not clear even the name of the hypothetical LG G8, so that this device with multiple screen could take a name within the highest range of LG or break with the classic nomenclature of the manufacturer.

All are rumors, obviously, that we must take with tweezers to not get our fingers, although before the CES had already been talked about in South Korean media about an LG folding phone that finally did not arrive at the North American fair. Now, say the new sources that that information was wrong, because they had been misunderstood when it comes to this device it really is not folding.

It will be curious to see how LG tries to hit a market that they had lost track a little in favor of other options, and that despite the LG G7 ThinQ and LG V40 ThinQ are really good high-performance smartphones. Can LG compete in the forefront with new ideas like this one? What do you expect from LG for this 2019?

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