Lauren Sanchez's ex-buddy says Bezos' stupid & # 39; would be to marry her

Lauren Sanchez, a longtime girlfriend of Jeff Bezos' new girlfriend, offered page six a blunt assessment of the situation: "Jeff Bezos is seriously stupid when he thinks of marrying her. He is seriously dumb because he has given up half her fortune. "

The former friend said they had a place in the front row of Sanchez's colorful and tumultuous romance story, and believes the Amazon billionaire is expecting an interesting ride.

For example, according to our census, TV Personality Helicopter pilot Sanchez was employed by at least four different people.

Bezos divorces his 25-year-old wife MacKenzie and now meets Sanchez, who is still married to Hollywood super agent Patrick Whitesell.

The insider, who had stopped being friends with Sanchez, said Sanchez engaged with sports channel Rory Markas during an internship with a Los Angeles television station, who later became a play-by-play spokesperson for the Angels baseball team , The source said that Sanchez left Markas when she changed jobs. (Markas died of a heart attack in 2010)

In the meantime, the source added, as Sanchez later became engaged to NYPD Blue star Henry Simmons and they moved to a Manhattan Beach, California home, friends were surprised when Sanchez joined the then Endeavor. Agent Whitesell began.

When Sanchez prepared to marry Whitesell, she called another former flame, former NFL player Tony Gonzalez - with whom she has a son - to say she would cancel the wedding in case Gonzalez wanted to return A representative of Gonzalez said this was not correct.

Another former footballer, Anthony Miller, with whom she had been engaged for a year and a half, said on Sunday that Sanchez had cheated on him, which denied sources close to Sanchez.

The representatives of Sanchez, Simmons and Gonzalez did not return to us.