Larry Fitzgerald meets hole-in-one at the Obama Golf

They were far from the White House.

Larry Fitzgerald, an avid golfer from Cardinals Wide, hit a hole-in-one in a round with former President Barack Obama in Florida.

The eleven-time shot by Pro Bowler took place at the 13th hole of the famous Golfclub Seminole, where Fitzgerald is a member. The tee of Obama also found the green on the par 3 hole.

"I play with the President of the United States and have just made a hole in one!" Exclaimed Fitzgerald. according to Tim Rosaforte of the Golf Channel, "That's incredible!"

Obama and Fitzgerald played in a quartet that included Glen Hutchins, a Celtics shareholder, and a board member of the Obama Foundation, and Jimmy Dunne, president of the Seminole Golf Club, tweeted.

Fitzgerald won the AT & T Pro-Am of 2018 at Pebble Beach with seven shots alongside his partner Ted Potter Jr.

The 15-year-old veteran NFLer has said that he will decide if he will return to the Cardinals sometime this off-season, indicating that retirement is possible.

"I have a checklist that I always have to go through, and sometimes I can come to my conclusion faster than others," Fitzgerald said on SiriusXM, according to Sporting News. "I have to conscientiously take care that I only take some time to heal your body. If you feel sore and your fingers are broken, you can easily say, 'I just do not want that anymore, my body hurts.' "

It's been 10 years since Fitzgerald received three passes for the Cardinal's first trip to the Super Bowl.