LADA Vesta compared with Geely GC6 and Lifan Solano in all respects: AutoMedia: VladTime

Domestic sedan is no different from the Chinese "chetyrehdverok" on the characteristics, but higher than them in value.

The expert compared the Russian sedan LADA Vesta and its two Chinese competitors - Geely GC6 and Lifan Solano. Under the hood, LADA Vesta received a 1.6-liter 106-horsepower engine with hydraulic compensators and without a phase shifter, and the Lifan Solano engine compartment is equipped with a reliable engine with a response of 106 horsepower, which did not receive any additions.

The Geely GC6 was equipped with a 94-horsepower unit, but it has a phase shifter. The trunk of the LADA Vesta has a good opening and a large level of spaciousness, but the luggage compartment of the Lifan is no different from the trunk of the Vesta in width, but it is deeper than the Vestovsky. "Gili" received the smallest and narrow luggage compartment of all the competitors.

Salon "Vesta" got a hard plastic front panel, power seats and enough space for the legs and head in the rear seats. From "Vesta" Lifan Solano differs interior trim - the "Chinese" salon skinned and has soft plastic. The rear row of seats "Lifana" is characterized by a large space. Gili has soft plastic, an identical number of electric adjustments, but the back row of seats is more cramped.

Before the first “hundred”, the “Russian beauty” LADA Vesta accelerates in 11.61 seconds with a top speed of 65 km / h, and the “Solano” picks up the first “hundred” in 11.79 seconds with a maximum speed of 55 km / h. Geely GC6 accelerates to the first “hundred” in 11.11 s, and the maximum speed of this “four-door” was 60 km / h. The behavior of “Vesta” on the road is excellent, and the Russian sedan slows down from 100 km / h in 4.0 seconds, the figure at Lifan has reached 3.99 seconds, but it has a slight lurch. Geely GC6 even more "lurch" when moving.

On the "secondary housing" LADA Vesta is offered from 459,000 rubles, and for Lifan Solano motorists will give from 250,000 rubles. Geely GC6 will cost 300,000 rubles.

Dmitry Pavlichko