Kaufland lowers prices for some groceries - but there is a catch

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Kaufland has introduced a major innovation in some products in some stores. The supermarket encourages customers to strike anyway.

Crooked carrots, apples with extra excesses or misshapen potatoes: Such vegetables are rare in supermarkets. But Kaufland wants to change that now: To counteract food waste, the group offers in some stores since Monday fruits and vegetables with optical defects.

Kaufland wants to give meaningful incentive: "Unperfektes" fruits and vegetables cheaper

Under the title "The Something Different", the imperfect copies have gone on sale. So that customers have an incentive to pack the crooked specimens instead of flawless food in the shopping cart, the latter should be significantly cheaper than the flawless alternatives.

But this is not the group's first creative advertising campaign. With ample irony Kaufland recently applied a cream cheese product.

Video: These products disappear from the Kaufland shelves

Kaufland offers "the something else" first as a test

In a three-month test phase, imperfect apples, carrots and potatoes are first offered in more than 240 stores in Bavaria, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Saarland, southern Hesse and the Rhineland-Palatinate. If the concept is well received by customers, "The Something Different" should go on sale throughout Germany. In addition, the range will be supplemented with other regional fruits and vegetables, according to a press release from Kaufland.

"We show that unusual shapes have no effect on healthy foods and their taste," said Markus Mutz from the Purchasing Department of Fruits and Vegetables at Kaufland. In the future, fresh and healthy foods will be created on customers' plates, despite visual blemishes.

So crooked vegetables have now, at least temporarily, made it into Kaufland's assortment. But the group is currently also taking many popular products from its range. And Kaufland recently recalled another popular product. It should be contaminated with germs.