Joon stops this summer ... but the brand will remain on Air France planes until 2021

The company Joon is dead. Air France-KLM's new chief executive officer, Benjamin Smith of Canada, and Air France Commercial Airline (PNC) unions last Thursday signed his death certificate. Launched last year by the former management, this subsidiary of Air France at reduced costs compared to those of the parent company (without being a low-cost), will be absorbed by Air France, and its 600 hostesses and stewards will become Air France employees.

Fusion absorption

When? Mystery. The management did not give a schedule, knowing that it will be necessary to train the 600 Joon's PNCs and order as many new uniforms. If the agreement signed with the NCPs (which goes beyond the reinstatement of Joon) starts on February 1st, most of the measures in this agreement will start on April 1st. As for Joon, it should be legally absorbed by Air France in June or July 2019, before the peak of the summer season, according to our information.

However, while Joon must disappear to end, according to Ben Smith, "to a mark hardly understood" and "to the multiplicity of brands that has created complexity" who has "weakened the power of the Air France brand"it will paradoxically remain visible on planes for a few more years. According to our information, Air France will indeed wait until 2021 to no longer count in its fleet of aircraft in the colors of Joon. What keep the confusion in the minds of customers.

No brand change for planes coming out of the fleet

Even if Joon stops, the management does not intend to nail down the aircraft "logoté" Joon to repaint them in the colors of Air France. Even less when planes are called out of the fleet in a few years, as is the case for the four A340-300s. That is why, if the 9 Airbus A320s will be repainted with Air France colors over the water, the four widebody A340-300, at the end of life, will not be, in order to save money. a visit to the painting workshop. They will remain in the colors of Joon until their exit from the fleet, now fixed at 2021 for the last copies. This calendar can obviously be anticipated in the event of a sharp rise in the price of a barrel that would make these four-engine planes, kerosene hungry, difficult to make profitable.

The first six Air France A350s will have a Joon configuration

The specter of Joon will be even more present at Air France that it will be impossible to retouch the configuration of the first six Airbus A350 that were to enter the fleet of Joon. Even if they will be "full access" (each seat has access to a corridor) and equipped with "full flat bed" (convertible chairs in flat bed, horizontal) in business class, the seats of Joon are not the same as those Air France and the configuration either.