Invest 1200 dollars for a quick return - 3 ideas

Fast returns are more enjoyable than long-term returns. Waiting for the maturity of an investment can sometimes mean waiting for old age. Short-cycle investments are much more enjoyable and satisfying because there is absolutely no reason why we should wait a full year to get 12% while this can be done much sooner. This means that it can be repeated often to create a massive annual output.

As an investor myself, I am always looking for obscure and unique opportunities, out of the mainstream investor community. Always looking for alternative investment ideas.

Here are three ideas for a quick return, often in less than a week, and as often as you want. Capitalization is the ultimate goal and by realizing cumulative gains of 30% per week and not per year, you can literally end up at the end of the year with a pretty big capital account. boot.

1) Buy a car from someone who is anxious to get rid of it for whatever reason. Make a good deal and resell the car for a decent profit.

2) Put a $ 1200 deposit on a corner block of land that is suitable for subdivision. Divide the block and resell both lots for profit.

3) Buy a few small rowing boats for $ 1,200 and pay a child to keep them all summer by renting them to beach goers. Instant passive return for 6 months each year. Expand your operations on 10 other tracks.

Thinking in this more "hands-on" way to investment creates opportunities that may not normally exist. These types of value investments, used as a composition tool, are very safe because you exchange capital for a tangible object or service that has intrinsic value. When you are trading in value of capital, in opposition, you will find security in the support of the market.