In Oise too, the movement of yellow vests hardens

What to expect for Act IX Yellow Vests, this Saturday in the Oise? The question has been animating the authorities for a week. The only certainty, the departmental union Yellow Vests, inaugurated last weekend in Beauvais, seems to have convinced the organizers. Who are discreet on the meeting place of this Saturday.

For several days, the information scrutinize the social networks, where the mobilization is organized. The commercial area of ​​Saint-Maximin is frequently mentioned. "It is part of the assumptions," confide police and gendarmes. Only certainty, the police are ready. Because last weekend confirmed a fear of the police: "The radicalization of the movement and the rise of the violence". According to our information, new profiles, more radical, would have appeared on January 5 in Beauvais.

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A notable evolution in the department. Because until then, if the mobilization was strong in the Oise, it was done in a peaceful way overall. And the few excesses were not the work of professionals of disorder. Mr. "Everyone" assures even Florent Boura, the prosecutor of Beauvais, when he evokes the 17 demonstrators prosecuted by justice on his jurisdiction since November 17. Of these, only two had criminal records.

Until then, arrested people unknown to justice

Same balance sheet in Compiegne, where seven procedures related to the movement were counted. Sometimes against yellow vests, sometimes against dangerous motorists. Systematically, it was "people inserted, unknown to the justice", it is summarized on the side of the floor. And in the Creillois, there are three arrested, "two of which resulted in a ranking without continuation," said the prosecutor, Jean-Baptiste Bladier. The only convict had been arrested on the train to Paris, where he was traveling "for the purpose of committing damage or destruction".

During the various gatherings before the most violent one of January 5th, the demonstrators even had, assure the gendarmes of Compiegne and Senlis, "a wish to push back all the violent persons". What seems to have changed. Last week, in Beauvais, the pacific had quickly left the procession, because inaudible in the middle of those who judged the violence "necessary to be heard. "

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