In Europe they did not value me, I have to make a decision: Salcedo


Carlos Salcedo, current player of Eintracht Frankfurt, is very close to change of scene and return to the Mexican League. However, the defense indicated that he is hurt after Europe They did not value their work.

After two and a half years on his way through the Old continent (Fiorentina and the Eagles), the Titan is at a firm to return to Tigers; However, he stressed in an interview for the newspaper MARCA, to be 'disappointed' by the little opportunity he had, in addition. He explains that he is ready to face his next challenge.

"Unfortunately, in Europe they did not value me. You have to make decisions that is what life is about, '' explained the defender.

Carlos Salcedo disputed 20 meetings in his step by the A series and 32 matches with the German team.

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