Impressions from the operation of LADA Largus shared blogger: AvtoMedia: VladTime

Russian station wagon travel for a long time, if it is not specifically "kill".

A blogger from the channel “Family Economy” on YouTube acquired in 2013 the Russian wagon LADA Largus, which he uses for work, family travel and travel. He told the whole truth about the five-year-old wagon in his video.

The motorist uses his “Largus” every day and during this time the car’s mileage was 104,020 km, that is, every year the mileage reached 20,000 km. According to the blogger, LADA Largus is very cheap to maintain - all components can be easily found on the market at an affordable price.

The second advantage of the "Largus" is the reliability of an 8-valve engine, which can serve 300,000 km. Another advantage of LADA Largus he called a spacious luggage compartment, which can load up to 600 kg of bulky items. The volume of the trunk "Largus" with the rear seats folded reaches 2,800 liters.

In the urban area "Largus" with a fully loaded trunk spends 9-10 liters per 100 km, and on the highway fuel consumption is 7.0 liters. Due to the high ground clearance and energy-intensive suspension, LADA Largus moves smoothly and gently both off-road and on flat ground.

Among the shortcomings of "Largus", the blogger called the exterior, which immediately guesses a low-end car that does not allow him to go to social events, lack of airbags and insufficient comfort - the auto blogger did not like the trim and lack of noise insulation.

Dmitry Pavlichko