How will the divorce of the richest man in the world change the lives of his loved ones?

Recently it became known that Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, is divorcing his wife. For a short period, a man destroyed two large families at once, starting a romance with his friend's wife.

Jeff Bezos, Mackenzie Bezos

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos were happy 25 years

January 9, the world learned the shocking news. 54-year-old founder of Amazon and the owner of a fabulous state of 166 billion dollars Jeff Bezos divorces his wife Mackenzie, with whom he lived for 25 years.

Bezos idolized the beloved, believing that it was she who was “guilty” of his success. “I needed a woman who would pull me out of the category of second-rate people, give me ideas and help implement them,” the rich man told about his wife.

It was Mackenzie who, many years ago, inspired Jeff to create his own company, taking on a considerable part of the responsibilities for its development.

She always supported her husband's undertakings, never for a moment losing faith in the success of what had been started - even in moments when it seemed that the business had burned down and nothing would save him.

The couple were happy together for more than two decades, day by day getting richer and providing their children with a fabulous future. However, any fairy tale is the end - no matter how much cost the scenery.

Third wheel

Rumor has it that still not formalized formally divorce Bezos has been living separately for some time. After the break, Jeff did not grieve for long in solitude and started a romance with his long-time friend Lauren Sanchez.
Surprisingly, the woman entered into a relationship with a billionaire, being married to talent agent Patrick Whitesell.

Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez, Patrick Whitesell

Patrick and Jeff have been friends for many years.

Even more striking is the fact that for many years Patrick and Jeff are friends! Did Sanchez so seduced the wealth of Bezos that she decided to take such a risky step that destroyed two families?

Hard to believe

Western media seriously puzzled by the uneasy relationship between Bezos and Whitesel-Sanchez couples. The American edition of the National Enquirer conducted a journalistic investigation, during which it was found out that Jeff and Lauren began dating last fall.

Employees of the publication for several months pursued secretive lovers across the country to capture their secret meetings.

According to the National Enquirer, despite his mature age, the passion embraced the participants of the couple, like most real teenagers. As a result, not only spicy photos, which are ready to be published, were at the disposal of the magazine, but also the texts of the messages that Bezos exchanged with Whitesel-Sanchez.

Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez

Bezos and Sanchez have been dating for several months.

Lovers do not comment on the details of their relationship, only assuring the public that each of them part from their legitimate second half almost amicably. According to them, neither Mackenzie nor Patrick have anything against the new relationship of their spouses. And if you can still believe in the “indifference” of the billionaire’s ex-wife at five minutes, then it’s quite difficult to believe in the “approval” of Whitesel’s intrigue Sanchez. The paparazzi are almost certain that Lauren, who secretly met her husband's friend, broke his heart.

Main victims

On his Twitter page, Jeff said that, despite the divorce, Mackenzie would remain for him not just a friend, but also a family member. Probably, his new beloved also does not want to interrupt communication with his partner.

But even if they manage to maintain warm relations with their former lovers, they will not be able to boast the same understanding from their children.

Jeff has three sons and one adopted daughter, and Lauren has a daughter and two sons, the eldest of whom was born in a previous marriage with an American footballer of Mexican-African American origin Tony Gonzalez.

Children and Bezos and Sanchez - teenagers going through a difficult stage of maturation. The destruction of families will only exacerbate their youth crisis and obviously will not benefit relations with parents who have left the family.

We hope that the newly-made couple will be able to find the necessary arguments for their justification in order to at least a little encourage their heirs. However, I’m not going to help you with words with grief, because if you believe the statistics, few, few children survive the gap of parents, poor or rich, without pain and mental suffering.