How to make money by writing and selling books

If you want to work from writing books at home, it is important that you know how to do it. And you must do it quickly. Writing is a numbers game that means the more books you write, the more you can earn.

And most importantly, you must market your books to the right people at the right time. It is said that it is easier to sell a mediocre product with excellent marketing than to sell a great product with poor marketing. Optimize your marketing and increase your sales without additional work.

But how do you do that? How do you know what to write and who to sell it to?

Well, let's start with the three most important things.

Continue to write. You can not work as a self-published author if you do not write. You have to write books and a lot of them. And not only that, the way to sell more books is to write a series. No matter whether you write fiction or not, if it's a series of books and you've advertised your other books at the end of each book, there's a good chance so that readers looking for another book buy one from you.

Pre-market your books. As you write your books, start marketing as you go. Tell the readers of your mailing list or blog about what you are working on, when it will be published, and how they can preorder a copy or grab a copy at a reduced price. This not only allows you to pre-book your book so that customers expect to buy it before you even have it finished, but this requires you to meet a deadline that requires you to continue writing for stay on schedule and not disappoint your readers.

Publish quickly. They say that money likes speed. Therefore, if you have never published before or want to do it quickly, use Amazon's Kindle direct publication. It is free to use, offers book cover template software (also free of charge) and you can set up your book as a POD book, as well as an eBook, if you wish. And as Amazon is good at marketing, when someone will consult a version of your book, it will also show them the other.

At first, self-publishing may seem a bit daunting before you have tried it. But by doing so, you will realize how easy it is. And once you have written and published one or two books and your systems are in place, you will find that it is faster and easier to write and publish more books.

It's the beauty of doing something over and over again. It becomes a habit and it becomes easier and faster at the same time because you do not have to think about every little step of the process, so it becomes more automatic.

And the best thing about an automated and simple system is that it gives you more time to write your next book.