How to become rich with mathematical certainty

It seems that everyone has their own perception of how to survive the current economy and recession. Here's the kind of information you'll see on news, the internet and blogs:

1. Keep and protect your current job

2. Take action while others are busy

3. Accept additional work

4. Refi your mortgage

5. Refi High Interest Credit Cards

6. Reduce expenses

7. Avoid incurring unnecessary debts

I could go on and on but I do not want to bore you. In addition, all you have to do is search for information on Google and you will find a host of people declaring something about it.

So let me get right to the point.

With so many plans, programs and tips, how come people do not become rich?

Why do not all those who reduce their expenses become rich?

Why do not everyone who has an education become rich?

Why does not everyone who creates a business become rich?

Because it's not about what you do, but doing what you do in a certain way. Listen, there are many ways to do certain things, if you do not do it right - whatever method you have chosen - it will not bring the RESULTS you are looking for.

So, what is the only thing to do to become rich?

Bob Proctor knows it. And he wants to tell you that there is a science - a formula - to become rich. It is about doing certain things in a certain way and I have used this plan personally to accelerate the attainment of my own goals and to attract a huge wealth in my life. This has been proven for centuries that anyone enriched and that is the foundation of the movie "The Secret".

Stop wasting your hard time and money trying to get the life you want, get this formula that will transform your financial future with mathematical certainty.