How does the Football Federation think about the African Nations Cups? Alternatives to the league

The Egyptian Football Federation and the Organizing Committee for the 2019 African Cup of Nations are preparing to draw up a road map for the stadiums that will host the continental championship.

The executive office of the African Football Confederation (CA) had chosen Egypt to host the 2019 African Nations Cup instead of Cameroon, after preferring the Egyptian file to its South African counterpart.

According to the correspondent of "Yalla Koura" that the coming days, will see the announcement of the closing of the stadiums that will host the African Championship, and to host other venues for the league and cup and African tournaments for clubs.

A source in the football association "Yalla Kora" that there is hard work seen by different stadiums on the development of playground floors to appear properly during the tournament, as well as things related to the stands and dressing rooms and gates.

"It is difficult for the league, cup and even club matches in Africa to be played on the stadiums that will host the African Championship, but we certainly have alternative venues."

"The Stadium of Cairo Stadium will not play any games until the tournament date, the stadium is under the overall development, and is being planted by the gazelles at the moment, as well as the stadium peace will be closed so as not to be affected by the ground matches."

"The clubs that play in Cairo, there are stadiums such as Arab Contractors and PetroSport next to the military college, will be distributed games, taking into account the lack of attendance at the stadium.

"The Alexandria games will be held at Burj Al Arab and also some matches may be played at Al-Max Stadium. The Alexandria Stadium will also be closed."

"The same is true of the new Suez Stadium, which will be replaced by the army stadium for league matches. The Port Said Stadium has no crisis after Al-Masri's exit from the African Confederacy and the absence of local matches."

"Ismailia Stadium will host Ismaili and Al-Masri matches. It will also be arranged." The date may be different from other venues, but it will definitely be organized and the matches will be transferred during the development phase.

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