He jumps from the 11th floor of a cruise ship and gets banned for life by the company

It was still a little drunk the night before. Before jumping, Nick Naydev hears his friends laugh out loud. The young man smiles at the camera and starts. He just jumped from the 11th floor of the "Symphony of Seas", the largest cruise ship in the world owned by Royal Caribbean International, while the ocean liner was moored in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.

It drops 30m for a few seconds before entering the shallow blue waters below. The young American survives the impact and publishes the video of his "feat" on Instagram Friday, January 11.

Nick Naydev explains in his video commentary that he did not have a foot pain when he entered the water, but hurt his neck and coccyx: "I could hardly walk for three days, and could not almost not sleep because of the pain. But it's okay now. "

"Stupid and reckless behavior" Directly after the incident, the cruise company reportedly contacted the local police to get the group of friends out of the boat, says the man from the small town of Vancouver, Washington State at Fox News 13.

"It was stupid and imprudent behavior, the young man and his companions are now prohibited from sailing with us," said the spokesman of the Royal Carribean in an email to the Washington Post, confirming to have banned for life the young man and his friends. We consider to sue in court. "

He and his friends had to go home on their own. The plane ticket from Nassau to Miami would have cost them $ 200 each. In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Konstantin Kryachun, the friend who filmed the scene, admits he has no remorse: "He had already jumped so high, and we did not have much to do with the reaction. the company. We only wanted to make a video for her to become viral.