Handball World Cup: Germany changes gold factor against Iceland - sports mix

Germany in handball fever!

In the evening, our World Cup heroes start in Cologne against Iceland (20.30 clock live on ARD and in the live ticker at BILD.de) in the main round. Flags, shirts and gossip boards - put out everything to cheer! 20,000 spectators in the hall and many millions of TV fans - they all see a new World Cup face.

Prokop gets the gold factor!

National coach Christian Prokop (40) made the first of three possible player changes on Saturday morning. For Franz Semper (21 / Leipzig) moves Kai Häfner (29 / Hannover) in the squad.

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Photo: Marius Becker / dpa
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Sure NO bottle: follower Kai HäfnerPhoto: Marius Becker / dpa

Häfner has been with the team since Wednesday. Was intended as a precaution! Steffen Weinhold (32 / Kiel) had suffered an adductor injury in France thriller (25:25). Because that is not so bad, and the young Leipzig did not light as hoped, the Häfner hammer now comes for Semper!

This worked in 2016 golden!

Nachnominierung at the European Championships in the main round. Häfner threw us into the final, was there with 7 goals best shooter in the title win.

With Weinhold, Häfner and Fabian Wiede (24 / Berlin) Prokop has three high-quality left-handers. Enough quality to "the next step" (Prokop), the semi-finals in Hamburg (25.1.), With left to reach. Three wins are enough, two successes could secure the trip to the Hanseatic city ...

Defense tower Finn Lemke (26 / Melsungen) can not wait: "We go with a lot of tailwind in the main round. I hope in Cologne at least the same mood as in Berlin, then we are very, hard to beat. "

Indeed: The opponents Iceland, Croatia and European champions Spain are handball cream!
Iceland (Olympic silver 2008) is the prelude to the supposedly weakest opponents. That too makes her so dangerous. The small island nation is not to be underestimated.

Coach Gudmundur Gudmundsson (58) won gold medal with Denmark in 2016. Captain Aron Palmarsson (28) from top club FC Barcelona is one of the best in the world. Palmarsson (19 FIFA World Cup goals so far) was already causing a stir in the Bundesliga; in his time at THW Kiel (2009 to 2015). With Bjarki Elisson (28, Berlin), Gisli Thorgeir Kristjansson (19, THW Kiel) and Cupid Thor Gunnarsson (31, Bergischer HC), three professionals in the Bundesliga earn their money.

"Iceland plays very team-friendly. They run 60 minutes, have great support in Cologne, "knows coach Prokop. "It's going to be a great fanfest, with the better ending for us."

From 20.30 clock blows handball Germany!