Hamburger SV: Marcell Jansen elected as new HSV president - Bundesliga

Decision in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg!

In the fight for president at HSV e.V. Marcell Jansen (33) prevailed. At the end of the house-high favorite leaves his challenger Dr. Ralph Hartmann (54) with 799 to 490 votes behind him.

Competitor J├╝rgen Hunke (75) resigned from his candidacy shortly before the ballot. Jansen had received great applause from the members for his speech. Et al He said: "Ending my career at the age of 29 was also a statement for HSV. It was out of the question for me to kiss another coat of arms. "

Jansen, who already sits on the AG's supervisory board, now represents the interests of e.v, which holds 75 percent of HSV.

Already in October 2016 after his resignation from football BILD asked him if he could imagine an office at HSV (see video).

Jansen's clear answer at that time: He excludes the post as sports director, for the President's Office, he was suitable because of his skills.

Sport Board Ralf Becker (48) said on the sidelines of the General Assembly also a job guarantee for HSV coach Hannes Wolf: "You can take me at word that Hannes Wolf is our coach in twelve months."