"I had my first sexual relationship at 10 years with Father Preynat" ... The "botched life" of the victims

François Devaux, one of the founders of the Liberated Word. Konrad / Sip - SIPA
  • The victims of Father Preynat testified on Tuesday afternoon on the second day of the trial.

  • They shared their "busted lives".

  • They criticize Cardinal Barbarin and five other collaborators for not denouncing these facts to the justice.

"My first sexual relationship, I got it at 10 with Father Preynat". Laurent Duverger has just dropped a bomb. That day, he is 21 years old and cracks when his mother advises him to be "careful" with his girlfriend. "She said," Above all, you do not talk to your father. " I had just released years of silence but the lid closed suddenly.

Today, the man is 50 years old and is straightforward about the abuse imposed by the priest when he was a scout. And on the lack of reactions of his family. On the second day of the trial of Cardinal Barbarin and five other defendants,
prosecuted for non-denunciation of sexual assault on minors, the victims took the floor to evoke their "bungled lives".

The "inability to flee"

Laurent Duverger does not remember "no words pronounced" by his executioner. On the other hand, it was impossible to forget "his breath", "the smell of a cold cigar", "his panting breath" when the priest held him against him. The sexual assault lasted three years. The last one dates back to the summer of 1982. A particularly atrocious memory.

"She intervened in a bus. He had me sit on his lap and caressed me sex until erection. At the sight of all. I was humiliated, "he says. At the time, unable to "put words", he nevertheless understands that "it was not normal". "But I was unable to flee."

Her father will learn the truth much later in a family session in the presence of a therapist. "That day, he said that when I announced it, I was of age." Since then, the man has broken contact with his parents. "I have been dragging this burden for 40 years. I have a duty of responsibility and I do not want to take the risk of exposing other children to the same sufferings as mine, "he justifies himself at the helm.

"For the Church, how much does a botched life cost? "

"For the Church, how much does a botched life cost? Asks Christian Burdet, another victim of Father Preynat. In the 1970s, the little boy undergoes caresses, kisses, blowjobs and masturbations on behalf of the priest. He will never talk about it until 2016, not even to his wife. For him, the facts are prescribed. "It's like I've got an incurable disease, you can not do anything for me. I live with this suffering that could have been abridged if the facts had been denounced earlier, "he added, particularly moved.

"I have the feeling that a lot of people knew and that to different degrees, one returns the ball. I would have liked to hear why such a pervert remained so long in the circuit, "continues Laurent Duverger. Even incomprehension for François Devaux, the founder of the Word Liberated. "We were put on the path of a sexual predator while Cardinal Renard knew. The diocese knew even then that we were not born.

Today Christian Burdet admits to "always believe in God but no longer in these men of the Church". Addressing the defendants, Didier Burdet, his brother, cowardly: "You say you have been living a difficult situation for three years. I have lived for forty years in this isolation, this exclusion, this silence. I would like some answers. "

Debates will resume Wednesday at 8:45.