Government Auctions - Cars Under $ 500?

Until recently, the prices of used cars were skyrocketing. They started to be cheaper when gasoline was around 4 dollars a gallon, then when the credit crisis hit and there were a lot of pensions on the market, they became even cheaper. Now that gasoline has been reduced to less than $ 2, it has recovered somewhat, but it remains cheaper than some time ago. Of course, "cheap" is a relative term, and the market of one man is the extravagance of another. What if you need a fast car and you only have five hundred dollars? I would go to the government car auction. Cars under $ 500 are available.

Now, do not get me wrong. At government car auctions, cars under $ 500 do not cost a dime. They are really not numerous. But you have a very good chance of finding one or two of these markets at every government auction you attend. And yes, I'm talking about cars running and legal in the street. Now, it will probably be a lot older than most cars on the street, but that's not a problem. If you are really looking for a cheap car, you can forget about the latest generation. These will be seized by the dealers, and they will go for more than 500 dollars.

This is because they are looking for cars that can be resold quickly, that is to say, recent models in very good condition. That's why dealers attend the government's auto auctions. Cars under $ 500 do not interest them because they will be too old to have a lot of market. But that does not mean that there is something wrong with a $ 500 car that you buy in one of these cars. He will be just older than average and probably not at the top of his form. But you can certainly find a 500 dollar car that rolls if you attend a few auctions.