Google offers exceptional feature for Android users


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Several press reports have revealed that Google has introduced a new update to its Google Play store on Android phones.

The new beta of the new Google Play, a new feature for Android users, was published in the professional beta news.

Google Play offers a new indicator that shows the amount of storage available for new applications on the Android system.

It also displays the full memory capacity and the amount of memory consumed and empty as well.

Google Play also lets you know if the app you plan to install is compatible with your phone or space.

To enable this special feature, any user can download the latest Google Play updates and then open it again.

The user then clicks on the side menu to the right of the search bar, clicks on the "My Games and Apps" icon, and then clicks the "Uploaded apps" option.

You'll find new information appearing at the top of the Google Play screen.

If your phone's storage does not allow the new app to load, you'll see a message that you need to free up space until the application is installed. The update will allow you to click a message to move it to the Edit Space page, so that it can deactivate any other application to download the new app.