Gold prices fall 3 pounds .. and the caliber 21 recorded 643 pounds per gram

Gold prices fell on Friday, January 18, 2019, at 3 pounds per caliber of various calibrations in the gold market, following the fall of gold ounces globally by 0.40%, where the ounce dropped from 1294 dollars to 1285 dollars.

The 21-gauge gold was the most popular and sold in Egypt, especially in the governorates of Upper Egypt and Upper Egypt, at 643 pounds per gram.

Gold prices in Egypt are as follows:

Caliber 18: 515 pounds per gram

Caliber 21: 643 pounds per gram

Caliber 24: 734.85 pounds

Pound Gold: 5072 pounds

Gold Ounces: $ 1285.

Gold prices in Egypt may see some slight variation in the price of different calibrations in different governorates of Egypt, this discrepancy in the price of gold may be 50 piasters or one pound.

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