Gold prices continue to decline in the domestic market as they fall globally ...

12:36 PM

Saturday 19 January 2019

Written by Dina Khalid:

The price of gold in Egypt, one pound, on Saturday, as the price of metal fell globally yesterday.

The Najib Club, secretary general of the gold division of Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Lamasrawi, said that the price of one gram of gold 21 caliber recorded today 644 pounds, compared to 645 pounds yesterday.

The price of one gram of gold 18 caliber today around 552 pounds, the price of gold 24-gram about 734 pounds, and the pound pound gold 5152 pounds, the same prices last Friday.

Globally, gold fell to its lowest level in more than a week yesterday, as equity markets improved on hopes of a breakthrough in the US-China trade dispute, while palladium held above $ 1400 due to a supply shortfall.

Gold fell 0.4 percent in spot trade to $ 1285.82 an ounce by 1127 GMT, after hitting its lowest level since Jan. 9 at $ 1283.51 an ounce.

Gold fell 0.5% in US futures futures to $ 1285.20 an ounce.