GameMAG refused to write about Caliber until his creative producer was fired.

In the Russian gaming community, today sharp discussions of a creative producer of a tactical shooter are actively discussed.Caliber»Albert Zhiltsova about gaming journalists, especially domestic.

At the same time, the overwhelming number of Russian game publications have submitted the news as neutral as possible, without resorting to loud statements or commenting on the statements of the developer.

Nevertheless, there were those who were somehow affected by the words: portal GameMAG demanded the dismissal of Zhiltsov from 1C Game Studios, but until this happens, the publication staff will stop any informational support for the shooter.

It is noteworthy that the latest news about “Caliber” on the site, in addition to today's, appeared in early November 2017. Before that there were three more publications.

At the same time, Zhiltsov has already managed to comment on the situation on YouTubewhere he admitted that he did not count on such a global discussion of his statements.

I was wrong, of course, using some words. But the format is this, but I sincerely say - here, it happens, I’m looking for some and I can blurt out. Things like "cattle" should be spoken, of course, to the interlocutor, and not to the entire network.

Here I am wrong, thank you, I did not think that it would be someone other than friends who would watch. I will consider, there is nothing to object to me.

Albert Zhiltsov

"Caliber" is a shareware tactical multiplayer third-person shooter developed by 1C Game Studios in collaboration with Wargaming. Now he is at the stage of closed testing,