From January 1, Sberbank changed the rules for transfers from card to card

Now there are a lot of banks on the market, but the really large ones are no more than three dozen, of which Sberbank is the leader among them in terms of the number of customers, branches and ATMs. This credit institution is partly owned by the state, and therefore it supports all the ideas of the government, including on refusing to use foreign software. All this led to the fact that from January 1, the rules of transfers from card to card formally changed.

The fact is that for more than a year Russia has been trying to disconnect from the SWIFT system, and in 2019 the likelihood of such an action is extremely high, because this company is completely subordinate to the US authorities, who can easily give it an ultimatum so that it starts to execute anti-Russian sanctions. Such are introduced in relation to the authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as state-owned companies, in the list of which Sberbank ranks first, if we talk about such in the banking sector.

Against this background, an analogue of the SWIFT bank transfer system called SPFS was created in the Russian Federation, to which more than 500 participants have already been connected, including banks and legal entities. Since the beginning of this year, foreign companies and financial institutions have been actively involved in the Russian system in order to be able to exchange money with them if Sberbank and other domestic banks are disconnected from the international money transfer system, and this can happen in 2019.

For ordinary Russians, all this means that the rules of transfers from card to card, as well as from account to account, may soon change. Instead of requisite SWIFT will have to use such a system SPFS. At the same time, it will be impossible to send money through the American payment system, as well as receive it. Obviously, if Sberbank fully switches to the Russian money transfer software, it will notify all its customers of this, so that the Russians know what has changed and how to exchange money now. For ordinary individuals, this will not create significant problems.

Earlier, most recently, Sberbank told how to use a bank card correctly.

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